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A lot of online voice training costs a lot of money now because the demands are high right now after people became popular vocal coach reactors on YouTube. These are the most vocal coaches you'll find online. They are almost everyone who reacts to videos today and some of them are not very good. Listen to his song and, if you like it, do it.

Anyone knows what are the current best places online to get good singing lessons. Something that I can practice in the meantime and improve every day. Do you know anyone who publishes false information about singing? Which vocal coaches on YouTube (or the Internet in general) do you dislike the most? Who do you think offers useless or even harmful singing advice? Why do you think that? Marnell Sample and Phil Moufarrege are highly respected vocal teachers. Both have many demonstrations of their singing and videos of singing techniques on youtube.

Take a look at them and you might find that one teacher is better than the other. I think Marnell may be more elegant than Phil, stylistically. I know several people I went to college with who teach voice classes. Text me and I'll provide you with your contact information.

I don't know if they're going to accept new students, but you can ask. Hey guys, I want to be a singer and I'm recording my first album, but I feel like I need a coach (vocal coach) for that. Do you have any affordable courses? I searched the FAQ and the subreddit, and couldn't find reliable resources for vocal coaches online. Yes, he sent me a message, I'm debating it because I lean more towards a course direction rather than a real coach and if that doesn't work then I can get a real coach.

I think the biggest challenge is finding a good vocal coach that is right for you, whether in person or online. That said, nothing beats personalized in-person or online lessons delivered by an accredited vocal instructor. Also, despite its limitations, I would rather go to live online training instead of watching YouTube videos. I've seen vocal coaches on YouTube charging more than double the fees of the best singing teachers in the world (at least the classical world).

I imagine vocal coaches aren't *too* bad at learning and refining the basics and getting structured feedback. My experiences after falling down that rabbit hole that leads to vocal coach videos on YouTube led me to the conclusion that many of them have good advice to offer, but it's often hard to find in the middle of all that crap how the vocal coach reacts to singer x and the vocal coach shows how to sing exactly like singer and. Their schedule is quite busy with online and in-person vocal classes, so if they don't respond, leave a message or text message.

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