Can i start singing at 12?

In addition, singing can be an effective way to keep your mind and body sharp. At School of Rock, our trained vocal instructors teach students all aspects of singing. Puberty usually affects boys between 10 and 12 years old, but it can happen sooner or later. It all depends on the child and his unique body chemistry.

However, he hasn't taken piano lessons as you suggest, so maybe we'll see if he wants to take them along with his singing lessons. Classes with young singers are an opportunity to use voice lessons as a vehicle to explore themselves and express themselves, as well as to develop musical skills. Undoubtedly, children can benefit from music classes and exposure to the pleasures of singing, but they don't need private voice lessons to do so. When parents are considering music classes for their children, they are often inclined to voice lessons because their child loves to sing.

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